All We Can and
Y Care International in partnership together

Photo: Paddy Dowling

September 8 2021

All We Can and Y Care International: Working together to transform lives.

From 1 September 2021, All We Can and Y Care International began a formal partnership – combining efforts to tackle poverty, inequality and injustice in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

Terry Waite

Author, humanitarian, co-founder
and Ambassador for Y Care International

‘Y Care International is delighted to join together with our friends and colleagues at All We Can, so that together, we can continue to support young people to flourish. This development enhances the potential for Y Care International to expand its work – ensuring that marginalised youth can continue to develop their skills, access trainings and employment opportunities, and see their potential fulfilled in all areas of their lives.’

Graeme Hodge

Chief Executive of All We Can and
Y Care International

‘At the heart of this development is our core shared vision: to help more people living in vulnerable and excluded communities across the globe see their potential fulfilled. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Y Care International over the past couple of years, sharing All We Can’s partnership approach and exploring opportunities for collaboration. This development is the next step in that relationship, and represents a deepening commitment to effective partnership.

Our shared vision is to see Y Care International flourish, develop its inherent assets and strengths, fulfil its charitable mission, and serve more young people and communities across the globe. That is why, driven by the principles of our partnership approach, Y Care International will remain a separate charitable organisation, maintaining its vision and identity. We are delighted to welcome Y Care International into the All We Can family, just as we look forward to being closely associated with the YMCA family around the world, and are excited to be working together going forward.’ 

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